As a record not of what is contained but of what is no longer contained, this is really an anti-inventory, The following is a chronologically ordered index of what I have given or thrown away so far: 

1 two-quart Mason jar approximately half-filled with brandied cherries

2 small wine glasses

12 bedsheets, in various sizes, 9 in white, 2 in a small tan check, and 1 in a paisley print.

5 salt shakers, 1 pepper mill, two thumb-sized storage jars (with cork), 3 ashtrays (1 bronze, 1 ceramic, 1 glass), 2 cruets, 6 slightly chipped Ikea coffee mugs (white with a navy blue band at the top), 3 porcelain coffee mugs in the shape of a crushed plastic cup, 1 left-handed coffee mug, 1 University insignia glass mug, 2 French café au lait mugs, other assorted novelty mugs, 2 ceramic crocks, a half-dozen spice glass spice jars in assorted sizes. one cast-iron fondue pot, base only.

21 CDs of Goa trance music

39 back issues of Men’s Health magazine

1 stick-handled, flat-bottomed wok

1 Krups coffee- and espresso-maker

28 shirts (five in flannel), 17 assorted t-shirts/undershirts, 2 wool- and 4 cotton-sweaters (salvaged); 12 pairs of underwear and 13 pairs of socks

2 ceramic balls, 2 clay figurines (probably central African in origin), a bundle of cinnamon bark

1 large brown holdall with grab handles

2 hand-held wooden citrus presses, 5 square shot glasses, 2 individual soup tureens, 6 small cloth napkins (2 in navy-and-white check, 4 pink), a set of aquamarine plastic salad servers

1 museum replica of a bird figurine

1 silk tie, blue with diagonal bands of alternating silver and red stripes

1 copy of each of the following large-format books: Le Chat du Rabbin 5. Jerusalem d’Afrique, the score to the Well-Tempered Klavier (2 volumes), The New Cook by Donna Hay.

5 double decks of playing cards, including the Hector de Trois decks by Baptiste Paul Grimaud on a 17th century design found in the Cabinet des Estampes de la Bibliothèque Nationale, traditional Russian playing cards, another set by Grimaud on Vieux Métiers de France.

9 single socks, 2 champagne flutes, 1 brandy snifter, 1 pair + 1 odd cob holders, 1 lacquered chopstick, 2 sherry glasses, 1 silver butter knife, cover case to a Allegri Miserere CD, 2 undersized martini cocktail glasses.

! small bronze picture frame

I blender, 1 Panasonic player, 1 HP laptop, 1 Phillips body shaver

1 non-retractable wood-handled umbrella

1 Braun body shaver, 1 Zip drive, 1 voice recorder, I Sony Walkman, I old-and-smelly-but-still-makes-good-hummus blender


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