The following is, by necessity, an incomplete list of the Rules of the Project. It is incomplete because I am only discovering the rules–and the need to formulate them–as I work through the project. Here’s what I have to date. 

1. Something must be gotten rid of each day.

2. Nothing can be thrown or given away without a story, even if it’s a few lines.

3. Consumables don’t count.

4. Things that came in a set must be gotten rid of as a set. For example, the six ceramic flan ramekins must be discarded together.

5. Clothes, books, DVDs and CDs can be discarded in categories. The taxonomy remains to be defined, but will probably need to be negotiated on a case-to-case basis. Works of fiction is too broad, German crime novels set in Weimar Germany is probably too narrow (though surprisingly enough, this is not a set of one)


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